BEYOND RICE CAKES: A Young Person’s Guide to Cooking, Eating & Living Gluten-Free

Perhaps you have just discovered that you are gluten intolerant and for the first time ever you’ve started reading labels in the supermarket looking for something that fits your new dietary regime.

Did you panic just a little as you went through pack after pack of all those foods that were so familiar and now you cannot eat at all ? Did you experience a curious mix of emotions as you finally walked out of that store with nothing but a bag full of rice cakes? If you did, you’re not the first one to do that, believe me !

 Fortunately, finding “ready made” gluten free foods these days is getting easier and easier. But what if you don’t want to eat highly processed foods all the time? What if these aren’t easily available to you or don’t fit your budget? The answer lies in getting back into the kitchen yourself. With a little guidance, step by step you’ll soon start unlocking a treasure of wonderful tasty snacks, treats and meals. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll adjust to a new way of doing things. So R-E-L-A-X. Things are just going to get better and better because you’re about to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

The aim of this site is to lead you through the basics of Gluten Free Cooking and to stimulate a whole new way of thinking about and preparing your food. In addition to our own insights, tips, videos and recipes we’ll also be introducing other multimedia sources of information and inspiration to cater to a wide variety of tastes, desires and circumstances.

I must reveal the fact that our own personal orientation is towards more natural, wholesome foods, free of chemicals and refined sugars. But not everyone has this as high a priority as we do, so we will relax a little in this department and offer more wholesome alternatives as and where it may be helpful and appreciated.

We hope that the following CNN news clip will provide a good starting point to our journey together. Just click on the “Start” arrow to load up.

After spying Vanessa’s book on this news byte, our interest was perked with her fresh, young, enthusiastic energy. If you explore further, you’ll see at the site she has some very encouraging reviews posted about her book.

We will be placing our order for one shortly and will be posting a review on this site once we’ve had a chance to take it for a test run ourselves. So, stay tuned. If you can’t wait till then, check out Vanessa’s book yourself. Just click on the highlighted link below for instant access.

BEYOND RICE CAKES: A Young Person’s Guide to Cooking, Eating & Living Gluten-Free

If you beat us to the kitchen with this book then please feel free to post your comments at the bottom of this post.

Feedback, comments and questions are always welcomed as you journey along with us to gluten FREEDOM.

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