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Digestion Sessions

If you reached this post before Monday at 11:59pm P.T. you are in luck because

(i) The FREE Encore Sessions are still playing and available to access.
(ii) If you are interested in purchasing the Digital Access to the entire event, then you can still get it at a greatly reduced price.

If you arrived here after the above date then you’d have missed out on the free sample and reduced price (sorry), BUT you have NOT missed out on the opportunity to obtain a mass amount of incredible information that could make a HUGE positive difference to yourself and others you care about.

This Summit is not specifically billed as a Gluten Free event, however a major thrust of all the speakers is towards avoiding wheat and other gluten grains. Also, with the focus being on digestion you will hear crucial information, over and beyond what you’d normally hear on Gluten Free help websites.

So, as of this posting date, we are still into the FINAL 2 DAYS of the Digestion Sessions event.
This Encore segment features the FOUR speakers voted “most listened to” of whole event.* Dr. Allison Siebecker – How to Beat the Bloat
* Dr. Datis Kharrazian – The Gut-Brain Axis
* Andrea Nakayama: Gut Flora 101
* Hannah Crum presenting her Cooking Class) How to Make Kombucha at Home

As I mentioned earlier, these sessions are available for FREE access up until Monday at 11:59pm PT.
CLICK HERE to gain access.

Free Transcripts Available for download (below):
Sean Croxton has made the PDF Transcripts of the above sessions available for FREE download. The download links follow.

How To Beat The Bloat – PDF
The gut-Brain Axis – PDF
Gut Flora 101 – PDF

We purchased the package ourselves and have reviewed all but a few of the 25 sessions. We can attest that it is really valuable and well-presented material!!

DISCOUNT PRICING + HUGE BONUS: (before Monday at 11:59pm PT)
If you register before the above time deadline, you’ll qualify for the Special Discount Pricing that is in place only during the event itself.
In either case you can still pick up this valuable Digital Access package PLUS the “3 for 1” Bonuses
This includes the following:

* 19 HD interviews with your digestion experts
* 19 mp3 audio files
* 6 HD video cooking classes
* The Digestion Sessions Cookbook
* 19 slideshow videos
* 19 downloadable slide sets
* Over 500 pages of transcripts
* PLUS a load of bonuses!

Once you’ve ordered The Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass, you will also get instant access to TWO previous events of similar high quality!! That totals FIFTY additional sessions on the topic of natural health and healing. I feel confident that those sessions too will be oriented towards a gluten-free lifestyle. At this point I might add that just because something is labelled “gluten-free” does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. The BONUS events are oriented towards “healthy” eating (not just avoiding the gluten grains). The titles of the BONUS events included are:

The Real Food Summit (Bonus#1)
The Paleo Summit (Bonus#2

So you get THREE amazing, high quality, health events for the price of ONE!!

To access further details just CLICK HERE.
Be quick if you want to check out the 4 free Encore sessions – the FREE viewing period closes on Monday at 11:59pm PT.

Wishing you good health and Gluten Freedom.

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