Nutrition, Wholefoods and the Gluten Free Life

I’m sure you’ve picked up already (if you’ve read any of our previous posts), that we believe wholeheartedly in the value of getting to know a bit about the foods that you work with. When I say “foods” I mean individual, whole food ingredients.

Polish_and_Russian_brunchThis approach is especially valuable for those who are working with food ingredients from a gluten free and allergy perspective. It’s a wholistic approach that has many levels to it, and, if followed with interest and enthusiasm, has only positive benefits to offer.

As you learn the nature and characteristics of whole food ingredients, a greater freedom of creativity and confidence in the kitchen develops. This is a totally different experience than when relying on prepackaged mixes and boxed refined foods.

As we progress along through these blog articles I will continue to emphasize this point and also take the opportunity to highlight points of interest from the rich and diverse backgrounds of our foods. In this way, you will gain a greater appreciation for the wonderful gluten free foods we have available to us.

As you work with them in this way, yourself, you will develop a deeper, personal relationship with the foods themselves. Preparing gluten free foods will take on a whole new meaning.

For many, sadly, the meaning of “food” goes no deeper than to some powdered or packaged consumer item obtained from some central distribution house, rather than it relating directly to the natural environment and/or farms from which it originally came. This perspective is a far cry from that of our grand parents and great-grand parents who often were raised on farms.

As you work with whole, natural foods, you can’t help but develop a greater appreciation for the environment and the farmers who grow the food as well. The connection between the health of our environment then equates more directly and clearly to the vitality of the foods that come from that environment.

Whether your gluten free food regime is by choice or “prescription”, if your digestion and immune function is already compromised, then you have a strong investment in ensuring that the foods that you consume are as vital as they can be.

Your personal energy in the kitchen
then becomes the controlling mechanism
that either enhances or diminishes
that same vitality.

After all, the foods and substances that you consume, do become an intimate part of your physical being, and ultimately, can influence all other levels as well; mental, emotional and spiritual.

All the while, they either
contribute to your health and well being,
or detract from it.

Choose wisely.

Among our favorite foundational quotes is one by Dr. Bircher-Benner:

“Nutrition is not the highest thing in life,
but it is the soil on which the highest things
can either perish or flourish.”

Till next time.
To your health and gluten freedom,

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