ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR A Blessing For Gluten Free Cooking

Ever since being exposed to the work of Bruce Fife, N.D. over a year ago, on the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Meat, we’ve paid more and more attention to this remarkable food.

Now, with the emergence of Organic Coconut Flour into the market place, a whole new world is opening up for those with gluten intolerance and those wanting to eat healthier or shed those extra pounds.

YES ! Cooking with coconut oil and coconut flour helps to manage your weight too !!

The humble coconut has been much maligned over the years (particularly in Western countries), but finally its true value is being recognized more and more.

Top quality coconut flour is made from organic coconut meat that is dried, defatted, and then ground into a fine flour. Having four times the fiber of most other flours, it is a great source of protein while also being LOW in digestible carbohydrates.

As it contains NO GLUTEN, it is a veritable “answer to prayer” for celiacs and others wanting to avoid gluten products.

Manufacturers have been responding to the steady demand for gluten free products with a heavy reliance on the use of soy flour. As more and more people are finding out, most soy products may not be the professed health products they are reputed to be.

In this regard, there is an increasing body of reliable information that now flys in the face of what we’ve been told for years. The conclusions are that most soy-based products may actually contribute directly to many health issues. (For more information on this subject please CLICK HERE).

Organic Coconut Flour, on the other hand, is considered as hypoallergenic because so few people are allergic to it. It is delicious as an ingredient in breads, cakes, muffins, scones, biscuits, desserts as well as savory dishes. Cooking with Coconut Flour

Here in Australia, Organic Coconut Flour has just recently made its debut in selected Health Food Stores. It marks the beginning of a whole new experience for health and diet conscious cooks and consumers.

To ease the learning curve of working with this new product, Bruce Fife, N.D. has come up with a wonderful little book called Cooking with Coconut Flour.  We recently purchased a copy and are now starting to have fun with it.

CLICK HERE for further information on the book. The bottom line is that the recipes work WITHOUT adding any other flours to the recipes.

Can you guess what the crucial ingredients are that hold the baked products together and keep them moist ? Yes, eggs and oil (Coconut Oil usually). So expect these ingredients in just about all the baked goodies. Here’s a quick and easy sample recipe taken from the book.

Do you fancy CREPES for breakfast ? 

      • 2 eggs
      • 2 tablespoons coconut oil or butter (melted)
      • 1 teaspoon sugar [or substitute 1 pinch of Stevia powder]
      • 1/8 teaspoon salt
      • 2 Tablespoons sifted coconut flour
      • 1/3 cup coconut milk

[First, here’s an IMPORTANT TIP from us: – If you are using Coconut Oil, make sure all ingredients are warmer than about 76 degreesF (25 degreesC) and not all straight out of the fridge, otherwise the liquid Coconut Oil will easily re solidify when you attempt to mix the chilled ingredients with the oil.]

Procedure – Blend together the eggs, oil, sugar and salt. Mix in the Organic Coconut Flour then stir in the coconut milk [or whole milk]

      • Use coconut oil or butter to oil a small skillet.
      • Bring the skillet up to a moderate heat.
      • After a quick final mix of the batter pour one quarter of the mix into the skillet.
      • Cook until the batter starts to bubble and cook around the edges.
      • With a spatula, carefully loosen the crepe and flip it over to cook on the other side.
      • Repeat with the remaining portions of batter.
      • ENJOY with your favorite sweet or savory spreads and fillings.

We hope that this little introduction has whetted your appetite enough to go ahead and find a copy of the book and/or begin experimenting with this new, wonderful ingredient.

Please tell us about your experiences using organic coconut flour.

Till next time, here’s to your, GLUTEN FREEDOM.
Sven and Karen

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