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February 20th, 2008

There is so much helpful video information being uploaded to the Internet all the time. It’s easy to miss if you’re not specifically looking for it every day. Keeping up with it all would easily be a full-time job and I don’t think that many of us can afford to spend that much time searching for all this information.

VideoImage160130Fortunately, I found a way to pull all the gluten free related videos from into one location and incorporate it into a new feature we have just added to this site called the “Gluten Free Video News” page.

It is all set up and can be accessed by clicking the new video graphic in the Right Hand Column of this page. (I’ve included a “click-able” copy of that graphic above, so you know what you are looking for.) Check it out. …… To read the rest of this entry CLICK HERE »

Sourcing Whole Buckwheat Kernels:

February 17th, 2008

Buckwheat FlowerContinuing on from the last post, here are a few pointers to help you find the kind of raw materials you need to make the delicious porridge mentioned earlier.

Of the buckwheat that is produced for human consumption, most of it is milled into flour. The whole buckwheat kernels themselves, unfortunately are not commonly available in regular stores or supermarkets.  More often they are quite easily found in most Health Food or Natural Foods Stores.

What you will be looking for is the RAW, HULLED seeds of the BUCKWHEAT plant. Depending on where you live it may be referred to as: …… To read the rest of this entry CLICK HERE »

Tired of Oats? – What About Raw Buckwheat?

January 26th, 2008


Guess what!
I’m tired Of Eating Oats. 

Yep, I’ve gotten tired of eating the plain oat breakfast I wrote about in one of my August’07 posts. (CLICK HERE to refer to it) 

Actually, I DO really still love it, it’s just that you want a CHANGE every now and then. You know what I mean?

We’ve been doing some exciting things with buckwheat lately. (NOT the buckwheat flour, but WHOLE RAW BUCKWHEAT), so this gave me a bit of an idea.

Why not use the same procedure used in that whole Oat Recipe but instead ….. make a ….

MIX of 50% whole oat groats + 50% whole raw buckwheat?  

YES!! That sounds great. I’ve never made that mix before. So I got excited, immediately raced to the kitchen, and got the ingredients together to start the process. …….. And you know what?

…… To read the rest of this entry CLICK HERE »

Nutrition, Wholefoods and the Gluten Free Life

January 22nd, 2008

I’m sure you’ve picked up already (if you’ve read any of our previous posts), that we believe wholeheartedly in the value of getting to know a bit about the foods that you work with. When I say “foods” I mean individual, whole food ingredients.

Polish_and_Russian_brunchThis approach is especially valuable for those who are working with food ingredients from a gluten free and allergy perspective. It’s a wholistic approach that has many levels to it, and, if followed with interest and enthusiasm, has only positive benefits to offer.

As you learn the nature and characteristics of whole food ingredients, a greater freedom of creativity and confidence in the kitchen develops. This is a totally different experience than when relying on prepackaged mixes and boxed refined foods.

As we progress along through these blog articles I will continue to emphasize this point and also take the opportunity to highlight points of interest from the rich and diverse backgrounds of our foods. In this way, you will gain a greater appreciation for the wonderful gluten free foods we have available to us. …… To read the rest of this entry CLICK HERE »

Kitchen Notes For New Gluten Free Cooks –

December 3rd, 2007

Woman In KitchenWhen I first encountered customers with gluten intolerance or celiac, I had no problem (I thought) in understanding the issues that they had to deal with. The solution, it seemed to me, was simple enough. Just avoid the gluten containing foods.

Since those early days, I have found out, that for many sufferers, this directive is a lot more involved than it first appears.

So, if you are one who is dealing with a very, gluten sensitive condition, or if you are caring for, shopping for, or preparing food for such a person, then these notes are for you. …… To read the rest of this entry CLICK HERE »

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