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The Place of Oats In a Gluten Free Diet Part 3

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Are you ready for your THIRD serving of oats in this blog ! ?

I want to start by saying that we have some potentially shocking scientific references in this article that may open up a whole new world for you.

The “Cereous” Business Behind Preparing Oats Properly.
In PART 2, I was “monkey-ing” around a bit, attempting to get the point across, that traditional wisdom has a lot to offer us in terms of how we can prepare our day-to-day foods. That this age-old approach may hold valuable keys to have contemporary consumers THRIVING instead of just surviving.

Using our oats theme as an example, today’s article weaves in some of the many scientific studies which confirm the transformative processes of soaking, fermentation and cooking.

Oat_wheat_label_largeFor the celiac, or those concerned with the contamination of their oats with other gluten-containing grains, it has been suggested that “rolling your own” oat grain is the ideal solution. This way you can not only sort through and pick out any offending, alien grain, but you also gain the added benefit of freshly rolled oats.


The Place Of Oats In A Gluten Free Diet Part 2

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Have you been wondering where I’ve been all week ?
(And NO, I didn’t go on a hiatus.)

Monkey coolBelieve it or not, a large portion of the time, since my last entry into this blog has been spent on writing this one (!!!!)  Well, where is it then ?

Do you REALLY want to know what happened ? 
Well, I got SO excited and enthused with this topic that I ended up writing pages and pages ! Way too much to post here.

Then, finally, as I was proof-reading it to Karen I got a big hint that there was something very wrong, ……. when I could see her eyes start to glaze over……….  Does that tell you something ? I had lost her already and I had barely started.

Oh boy !! I’ve got SO much to learn about blogging and being able to condense my thoughts, facts and data down into a usable form (it’s very frustrating sometimes.) …..


Come to think of it, the culmination of this past week’s oat writing experience DOES, in a strange kind of way, come together as an excellent analogy to the subject matter at hand. (I suddenly see the gestalt of it all !! Yes !!  ) (more…)

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