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Oven Thermometer – Valuable Tool For Gluten Free Baking

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Land Surveying Officer Here is a question for you.

What is one thing that land surveying
and gluten free baking have in common?

Answer: Both involve some form of precise measurement.

You can always measure things by what I call “guess-timation” (i.e. estimating distance, time, weight, temperature etc.). If you are good at it, you know that it can be very handy at times. It definitely has its place.

However, whether you are surveying a property, or baking gluten free bread, you want the end result to come out right. You want to have consistency and repeatability. Right?

In order to do this, accurate measuring devices are a must. In the kitchen, one such device that we recommend investing in, is an oven thermometer.

“But my oven already has a thermometer built into it.
Why do I need to get another one?”

I hear you say.


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