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Cole Slaw – Gluten Free

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

We had a ball during the Christmas festivities. I had opportunity to sample and enjoy many tasty foods. I’m happy to report,  that despite the many temptations at hand, I restrained myself admirably and had just enough to feel nicely satisfied. In the past I’ve tended to really “pig out” and regret not being more conservative.

Cole SlawOne of the dishes we prepared for the family feast was Cole Slaw. This will be the subject of today’s post.

Did you know that Coleslaw (or Cole Slaw) is believed to have been consumed since early Roman times? (…..I guess you’d expect as much, seeing that cabbages have been around a long time ).

The version with a creamy dressing, or mayonnaise, would not have been developed till the 18th century, as mayonnaise was not invented till then.

It’s name arose in the 18th century as a partial translation from the Dutch term “koolsalade” or “cabbage salad”. “Cole” in Latin originates from “colis”, meaning cabbage. Cabbages also have many healing properties some of which particular affect the digestive function, including the colon. Interesting eh!?


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