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New Feature – Gluten Free Video News Page

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

There is so much helpful video information being uploaded to the Internet all the time. It’s easy to miss if you’re not specifically looking for it every day. Keeping up with it all would easily be a full-time job and I don’t think that many of us can afford to spend that much time searching for all this information.

VideoImage160130Fortunately, I found a way to pull all the gluten free related videos from into one location and incorporate it into a new feature we have just added to this site called the “Gluten Free Video News” page.

It is all set up and can be accessed by clicking the new video graphic in the Right Hand Column of this page. (I’ve included a “click-able” copy of that graphic above, so you know what you are looking for.) Check it out. (more…)

Giving A Lift To Gluten Free Baking – Part 1

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Medieval_kitchenOn a couple of occasions we’ve been asked about how to make gluten free baked products lighter (we understand that “door-stop bread loaves” are just not the fashion any more); and how to make your own self-rising flour for use in gluten free cooking. 

As is the case with all kinds of flours, the only difference between the “plain” and the “self-raising” flour, is that the self-raising has had chemical leavening agents (baking powder) added to it that causes it to rise (this process was first invented back in the mid-1800’s B.T.W.).

What You Need To Know About Baking Powder:

Typical quantities of baking powder used in a recipe would be as follows:
100grams of flour,
3 grams
of baking powder
and just a pinch of salt (up to 1 gram).

The basic formulation for baking powder itself, varies, but it commonly contains sodium bicarbonate (an alkali) combined with a starch (to keep it dry) and some form of acid salts such as cream of tartar or certain aluminum salts. (Here is a LINK to ingredients used in common baking powders plus more fascinating info) 

It’s the body’s excessive exposure to aluminum salts that are of BIG concern. These are usually found in what are called “double-acting” baking powders and should be avoided. Studies have presented compelling evidence of aluminum being directly linked with senility and Alzheimer’s, just to name a few. (Other aluminum-containing formulations are found quite commonly in underarm deodorants as well). (more…)

The Place of Oats In a Gluten Free Diet Part 3

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Are you ready for your THIRD serving of oats in this blog ! ?

I want to start by saying that we have some potentially shocking scientific references in this article that may open up a whole new world for you.

The “Cereous” Business Behind Preparing Oats Properly.
In PART 2, I was “monkey-ing” around a bit, attempting to get the point across, that traditional wisdom has a lot to offer us in terms of how we can prepare our day-to-day foods. That this age-old approach may hold valuable keys to have contemporary consumers THRIVING instead of just surviving.

Using our oats theme as an example, today’s article weaves in some of the many scientific studies which confirm the transformative processes of soaking, fermentation and cooking.

Oat_wheat_label_largeFor the celiac, or those concerned with the contamination of their oats with other gluten-containing grains, it has been suggested that “rolling your own” oat grain is the ideal solution. This way you can not only sort through and pick out any offending, alien grain, but you also gain the added benefit of freshly rolled oats.


Debut Video On Gluten Free Designer Leftovers

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Well, the day has finally arrived where we have successfully negotiated the technical maze and completed our first video for the web. Needless to say it has been quite a learning experience.

Now that we have the basic tools to create educational videos like the one here, the door is open for unlimited possibilities. We are so excited about tapping into our “thirty something” years of whole foods cooking experience and building a practical and helpful range of ”How to” cooking video modules. (more…)

Gluten Free Video Demos On Their Way

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I know it’s been ages since our last post but rest assured that we have been busy behind the scenes. No slacking off in this department. No, no !!

We have been so looking forward to including our own video presentations. We are now a major step closer. In fact, our first little presentation is entering the latter stages of editing. So, unless something major happens in the next short while, we expect to be in a position to post it in the next day or two.

Gluten Free Rice Leftovers - VideoWe will be doing a video demo of our earlier post on Gluten Free Designer Leftovers. Now, please, please …….. I hope we don’’t hear anyone coming up with a smart remark like  ……  “Oh no!!  Not leftovers again !!” 

We know it’’s all very basic stuff too, but you know, it’’s the simple things like this that can make a huge difference when you’re just stuck for ideas, short on ingredients and/or you need to come up with something tasty in a hurry. Those of you who are eating gluten free by necessity, will especially appreciate that fact, I’’m sure. (more…)

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