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BOOK REVIEW – The Essential Gluten Free Guide

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

As I read through this book I thought, “Wow ! What a perfect compliment to this website.” There is a lot written about what a person NEEDS to do when living day-to-day on a gluten-free diet, but very little is written on exactly HOW to do it.

There are two main areas relating to the “How to’s” of gluten-free living.

1. Those relating to the cooking-kitchen-lifestyle side of things (which this website aims to address).

2. Those relating to the day-to-day, challenging realities of living the gluten-free life (especially if you have a super sensitive condition).

It is this second part that Peter Tremayne’s book The Essential Gluten Free Guide, addresses so effectively.

Written by a person who has walked the path himself and interacted with many other fellow celiac sufferers, this 73-page Ebook is jam-packed with practical, helpful advice. It is an excellent guidebook both for the person new to the “gluten-free path” and also for those who already have gained some experience on the journey , but who have gotten frustrated because they attempted the journey in a “hit and miss” sort of way.

Check your own preparedness:

If you have just become aware that gluten is an issue for you, how can you hope to lead a normal life ? Can it done ? (more…)

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