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Sven and Karen TonissonSven and Karen Tonisson currently live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia. They have been on their journey of learning and living the message of whole, natural health for over 30 years.

They conducted inspirational and practically-oriented classes between 1989 and 2000 on natural, whole foods preparation, the principles of macrobiotics and empowered, healthy living. They founded and operated Gaia Wholefoods, (8 years) Brisbane’s first “Slow Foods” take-away and natural foods store.

More recently, over a period of six years, Sven and Karen developed a unique line of popular, gluten-free cookies and snack foods (free of refined sugars, dairy and artificial preservatives or chemical additives) which were distributed to specialized stores in four states. That business continues to operate successfully today under new owners.

This blog is as a new seed planted into the fertile soils of a new environment, the internet. They draw upon the experiences of their own life journey and quest for answers on the healing path to assist others in the practical day-to-day application of principles that support health, healing and happiness.

Their strong points are their wealth of first-hand, practical, hands-on experience and a sensitive knack for combining sound, nutritious food preparation principles with a flair for good taste and presentation. Their classes and articles also emphasize the importance of remembering the “big picture” as well as the value of the more subtle energies of life.

Throughout their life journey they committed to a raw food regime for 5 years while residents in a small, self-reliant community in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. They incorporated Macrobiotic Principles into their food choices and lifestyle in a very focused way for another 5 years after that. A primarily vegan diet was adhered to through these years and on into another thirteen years thereafter.

More recently their longterm, personal choice of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle has relaxed dramatically as health issues once again surfaced amidst stressful surroundings and as new knowledge became available. The influence of authors and researchers such as

Sally Fallon www.westonaprice.org,
Dr. Mercola www.mercola.com,
Bruce Lipton, PhD www.brucelipton.com,
Mary Enig PhD, www.enig.com/trans,
Bruce Fife, ND. www.coconutresearchcenter.org

coupled with their own personal experiences, has brought forth a continuing unfoldment of their perspective and understanding of health and healing.

Where once they chased that “one diet for all mankind” model, they now realize that each person is a unique, beautiful and perfect creation with his/her own needs, wants and desires to experience. Tradition, culture, ancestry and respective habits and beliefs shape how we interact with the world and choose our foods.

We are all different, yet we are all the same. In this light, each has his/her own requirements for nourishment at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To the degree that we are truly nourished at each of these levels, then we are satisfied; we are at peace, we are thankful, we are in love. How we each nourish ourselves at all these levels is an individual thing and what this amazing experience of life is all about.

Probably one of the most important bits of advice that Karen and Sven have to offer is to stay open, to question and to keep learning.


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