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Friday, June 15th, 2007

Continuing along on the rice theme, here are a few ideas on how to use those gluten free leftovers that you may end up with from time to time. I’m sure you’ll find these of value, especially if you live a very busy life or if you simply want to extend your dollar further.

This idea gives you tremendous flexibility when catering to unexpected guests with hungry tums. It is always a challenge to prepare exactly the right amount of food for each meal. If you’re like most people, you probably end up over-estimating how much is needed for any particular meal or occasion. “Better a little too much than not enough.”, as they say.

With grains (in this case, rice) it can be a distinct advantage to deliberately cook two or three times more than you actually need for the upcoming meal. By doing this, you are, in effect, setting the ground work for several meals ahead of time. With a little imagination you are well prepared with the gluten free basics for creating a number of quick, tasty leftover dishes for your starving hordes. (more…)

COOKING BASICS How To Cook Rice (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

If you’re already familiar with these basics please bear with us as we start to build the solid foundation needed for the budding new gluten-free cooks out there. Also, if you have some constructive input please feel free to post your contribution at the end of this article.

Rice (Oryza Sativa)

Background: Rice is the more obvious and most popular choice of gluten free grains to work with. Like most of the other grains, books can be written (and have been) on this one subject alone.

There are over 100,000 rice cultivars currently registered, each with distinct characteristics. This offers an enormous variety of flavors, textures, aromas and colors. If you live in the west, then those most familiar to you would most likely include varieties that range from the wild rice, black rice through red rice, brown rice and basmati, through to the more processed common white rice we all know so well.

The Possibilities Are Endless: No matter where you live, it is likely that you will have several (or many) of these varieties available in your local area. Combine each of these with the many different ways of cooking, preparing and serving the grain, then, right there, you have a rich resource of tasty possibilities at your fingertips. Your only limit is your imagination and creativity. (more…)

CELIAC DISEASE – A Hidden Epidemic

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

We thought this short video would be helpful for those who are still struggling with coming to terms with the Celiac condition and trying to explain it to others. It also provides another resource easily passed on to friends or family for better understanding. Just refer them to this post.

This interview with Dr. Peter Green M.D.*, author of Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic, although brief, covers a lot of ground and raises awareness of this condition to the general public. As was pointed out during the interview, because the treatment of this condition does not involve drugs (and the related large advertising budget allotted to such drugs), this condition therefore gets very little public exposure.


BEYOND RICE CAKES: A Young Person’s Guide to Cooking, Eating & Living Gluten-Free

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Perhaps you have just discovered that you are gluten intolerant and for the first time ever you’ve started reading labels in the supermarket looking for something that fits your new dietary regime.

Did you panic just a little as you went through pack after pack of all those foods that were so familiar and now you cannot eat at all ? Did you experience a curious mix of emotions as you finally walked out of that store with nothing but a bag full of rice cakes? If you did, you’re not the first one to do that, believe me !

 Fortunately, finding “ready made” gluten free foods these days is getting easier and easier. But what if you don’t want to eat highly processed foods all the time? What if these aren’t easily available to you or don’t fit your budget? The answer lies in getting back into the kitchen yourself. With a little guidance, step by step you’ll soon start unlocking a treasure of wonderful tasty snacks, treats and meals. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll adjust to a new way of doing things. So R-E-L-A-X. Things are just going to get better and better because you’re about to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

The aim of this site is to lead you through the basics of Gluten Free Cooking and to stimulate a whole new way of thinking about and preparing your food. In addition to our own insights, tips, videos and recipes we’ll also be introducing other multimedia sources of information and inspiration to cater to a wide variety of tastes, desires and circumstances.

I must reveal the fact that our own personal orientation is towards more natural, wholesome foods, free of chemicals and refined sugars. But not everyone has this as high a priority as we do, so we will relax a little in this department and offer more wholesome alternatives as and where it may be helpful and appreciated.

We hope that the following CNN news clip will provide a good starting point to our journey together. Just click on the “Start” arrow to load up.

After spying Vanessa’s book on this news byte, our interest was perked with her fresh, young, enthusiastic energy. If you explore further, you’ll see at the site she has some very encouraging reviews posted about her book. (more…)

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