My Millet Is So Gritty. What’s Wrong ?

Has this happened to you ? You decide to make something different, something a bit more exotic. …….. Like Millet Pilaf !  (yes, that sounds like a great idea) . You expect something relatively light, almost, “melt in you mouth”. Like the recipe says, right? ….. and the result is that you end up with a dish less palatable than you expected and annoying, “bits and pieces” stuck between your teeth.

Well, don’t despair. You are not alone. We have had this kind of a comment so many times from those attempting to work with this wonderful, gluten free grain. Millet - Hulled and UnhulledIt’s likely that you did everything right, except that you had the wrong kind of millet to work with.

If you are experiencing this problem then it is likely that you have bought Un-hulled Millet.

Yes, aside from the specific variety, there are essentially TWO kinds of millet. Hulled and Un hulled. It is the Un hulled that is virtually impossible to make a pleasant dish out of. (it is that form that is commonly sold as birdseed, and not really suitable for cooking).

If you look at the photo above, I have both forms side by side. The one on the right is the Un-hulled form. See how smooth and shiny it appears ? That is the protective outer husk. Millet in this form is what certain birds are so well-equipped to deal with. Not so for us humans.

The form on the left, is the HULLED form of millet. See how it has a dull surface appearance compared to the Un hulled? This (the HULLED form) is what you want for your recipes, not the other.

It is so easy to have these two mixed up. If the packaging or bulk bin is just labeled “Millet” and you are not quite sure, then it is best to check with the store owner that you are in fact getting what you want. Easy to do and you’ll avoid the frustration of discovering the hard way.

This issue may be more clearly defined in whatever country you are in at present (it may even be a non-issue), but here in Australia it is not uncommon at all to get these two mixed up.

Now that this is clear and we have the right raw material to work with, we can confidently have fun creating some great gluten free meals for your family and friends.

In our next post we’ll cover the important basics of using millet in different ways with some yummy recipes.

As always, “To your Health and Gluten Freedom”.
Warmly, Sven

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