Sourcing Whole Buckwheat Kernels:

Buckwheat FlowerContinuing on from the last post, here are a few pointers to help you find the kind of raw materials you need to make the delicious porridge mentioned earlier.

Of the buckwheat that is produced for human consumption, most of it is milled into flour. The whole buckwheat kernels themselves, unfortunately are not commonly available in regular stores or supermarkets.  More often they are quite easily found in most Health Food or Natural Foods Stores.

What you will be looking for is the RAW, HULLED seeds of the BUCKWHEAT plant. Depending on where you live it may be referred to as:

– Hulled raw buckwheat
– Buckwheat groats
– Buckwheat grouts
– Un-roasted buckwheat groats
– Raw buckwheat groats
– Whole white buckwheat groats

The product is available either as a pre-packed item or from the bulk food bins. Make sure that the store has a good product turnover and that the bulk bins are well covered.

Buckwheat has a fairly high fat content and so must be used as fresh as possible to avoid rancidity.

The photos below show the difference between RAW, HULLED BUCKWHEAT and the Un-hulled BUCKWHEAT. it is triangular in shape, and cream to light beige in color, tending to a light, pale green at times.  

Hulled BuckwheatUNhulled Buckwheat










As seen in the photo on the right the UN-hulled Buckwheat has a hard, indigestible, black covering over the kernel (this is the husk that is used to make the popular buckwheat pillows).

For USA shoppers, if local stores do not carry raw buckwheat groats. then a convenient option is Just click on this link Shop at and do a search for “Buckwheat Groats”.


Some stores also sell a Roasted Buckwheat often called Kasha. This is a dark red/brown color. The name Kasha also refers to a porridge (made from other grains as well) commonly consumed in Eastern Europe, but in the West it generally refers to the roasted buckwheat kernels.

Till next time, Happy shopping.

To Your Health and Gluten Freedom,

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